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Un livre amusant pour vos petit bout

 really excited to share this project with you.

Several months ago someone put the idea into my head that I should make some quiet books.  This is one project that I've never really had the desire to do, but that little seed kept growing until one day I found myself drawing up the templates and then at JoAnn's buying the supplies.
It really was an easy project, but extremely time consuming (and I was making two at once.)
Here are the results:
Covers and cover page


Circus Monkey
The balloons velcro on and the wheel turns to reveal different colors.
Paint Pallet
The paint splotches velcro on and you can use the paint brush to pretend to paint everything in the quiet book!
Season Tree and Barn

Snap on flowers for spring, green leaves for summer, and autumn leaves for fall--or take them all off for winter.  The pieces can all be stored in the grass pocket below.
I love these little finger puppets that were inspired from Homemade by Jill.  They're placed inside the barn . . .
to have a surprise when you open the doors.  I love, LOVE this one.  Thanks Jill for the fabulous idea.
Road Map
This is another one of my favorites.  The road signs all have velcro on the back so they can be moved around.  The garage is a little pocket that the car can park in.  I planned on attaching the car with a shoelace--I even went out and bought some just for that reason--but last minute I decided to keep the car free.  I'm hoping it doesn't get lost.  It hasn't yet!
Weaving Tennis Racket
The tennis racket strings can be woven to make a pattern.
Note Pocket and Mailbox
The blue pocket holds note paper perfect for all the little notes you need to send right away to the post office.  The mailbox opens up and the flag can move up and down.  I was going to add a little pocket for a pen but then I saw a vision of my son drawing all over this quiet book that I spent hours slaving away on, so pens will only be given to age appropriate children :)


Zipper Fun
I wasn't going to include any zippers in my quiet books, but don't all quiet books require a zipper page of some sort???  I finally decided I'd keep it simple but add three zippers to make it fun--although I'm not sure how quiet this page is actually going to be (zip, zip, zip) . . .
Counting Petals
 This is another one of my favorites.  
The petals velcro on and can be placed in the flower pot pocket.  This one's for my daughter's book.
Here's a purple one I made for my son's book.


Ballet Shoe
This ballet slipper is perfect for practicing how to tie a bow.  It seems like another quiet book requirement is a lacing and tying page.  I almost didn't do one at all because I couldn't come up with anything I liked, but I was finally inspired to leave out the lacing part and just do the tying with this sweet little ballet slipper.
Dress-up Doll
This page is exclusively for my daughters book. 


Lots of fun little outfits to try on and a nice little pocket on the inside cover of the book to store them all in.
Phew!!!  All done!
pour les fournitures:Amy utilise du pellon, qui est une sorte de feutrine plus solide et qui vieillit bien mieux mais qui n’existe qu’en blanc). Dessinez ensuite les motifs dans de l’entoilage thermo-collant et repassez-les sur la feutrine avant de les couper et des les coller dans le bon ordre sur la page