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un autre tuto de rose en tissus

I have always received so many requests on how to make many of the flowers I have done, so I am going to do a few tutorials on how to make them now. I'm starting with the rolled rosette.

They are super easy to make. I usually save my scraps for these and sit and make them while the little one sleeps and I want something quiet to work on.

Hair Pin

You can embellish clothing with them, decorate wrapped presents with them, make a ring/bib necklace/earrings/headbands with them, and so much more. It's nice to have a few laying around and they are a scrapbuster for sure.

Start with a long strip of fabric. The larger the width and length, the bigger it will be.

Tie a knot on one end.

Then begin to wrap the fabric in a circle around the knot, twisting randomly. Now, you can glue it while doing this with a hot glue gun if you like,

but I like to create my whole rosette and then sew together.



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******* Bea38 ******* 21/02/2011 09:51

Superbes tous ces tutos !

katwoman76. coud et coud 21/02/2011 14:39

Merci et je cherche encore des nouveaux