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comment recycler une vieille fermeture eclaire

zipper daisy TUTORIAL

you guys know i love ya, right? well, i'm sharing the love and showin you how i make my zipper daisies :)
first, separate your zipper and remove the pull tab.
sew a basting stitch along the side opposite of the zipper, as close to the edge as you can without going off.
gather your zipper. be very careful not to break a thread! (easier said than done, i know)
create a small petal.
hot glue in place and trim excess. then singe or fray check the edges to prevent fraying.

cut a small circle of felt.
and glue the petal on the outside.
keep making petals and gluing the around the felt.
take the excess zipper and remove the threads.
singe/fray check the ends and glue in a circle in the center of your flower like i did on my previous zipper flowers.
wrap all the way around until you've used all remaining zipper.
add a rhinestone to the center and you're done!
this tutorial is for personal use only. if you'd like to purchase a zipper daisy, i have a few listed in my shop.  if you're looking for a particular color, email me at craftaholicsanon@gmail.com


The Daylily Zipper Flower TUTORIAL

this rockin' zipper flower is a cinch to make and very sassy when you're done! perfect for headbands, brooches, clips, etc.
*Please note: this tutorial is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. thanks!!*
Daylily Zipper Flower
  • 1 yard of zipper trim OR 18" zipper separated
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • lighter/candle
  • rhinestone or other embellishment for the center
  • felt
  • clip or pin or whatever you want to put it on
  • sewing machine {optional- you can make a no-sew version}
cut a 10" length of zipper for the center of the flower and sew a gathering stitch along the edge.
*for a no sew version for a flower similar to the center flower, check out this zipper flower tutorial.*
gather the zipper. don't overly gather it thought unless you want a tight center. mine is a slightly loose center.
wrap zipper around into a flower and hot glue in place as you go. similar to this zipper flower.
cut the remaining zipper length into 3" pieces.
using your lighter, carefully seal the ends of the 3" pieces. be careful not to burn yourself.
fold the 3" pieces in half to create a V shape as shown above. put a dot of hot glue in the crease to hold in place.
cut a 2" circle of coordinating felt for the back.
hot glue the zipper "V's" around the felt circle as shown, overlapping each other slightly.
hot glue the center flower to the felt circle above the circle of zipper "V's".
hot glue your rhinestone to the center and glue on the clip/pin etc on the back and you're done!

******* Bea38 ******* 09/02/2011 15:41

Ca a le mérite d'être original !!!
j'aime bien la dernière fleur !

katwoman76. coud et coud 09/02/2011 15:43

oui quand tu casses une fermeture tu la jeteras plus maintenant!